2019 SA-LO Event Information

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Salem City is hosting a 3 stage cycling event on June 28-29. Registration is open now and is $90. After June 1, that price will go up to $95.

Race HQ and the starting location of the Mountain Stage and the Road Race will be at the Salem Rec Center located at 60 North and 100 East in Salem, UT.

The Time Trial will start at the Revere Health Center located at 555 W State Rd 164, Salem, UT.

The Salem Rec Center itself will be available to cyclists who would like to securely store their bikes overnight.

While providing a great test for competitive and accomplished riders, the SA-LO Stage Race also welcomes and encourages participants who enjoy pushing their own limits, racing against friends and those who just love to ride a challenging course. Some will push hard to reach the podium while others will find great satisfaction in just completing all three stages. This truly is an event for riders of all skill levels who love to push it when they ride.

There will be a race announcer who will be highlighting various riders who have signed up. Please join the Strava SA-LO club so we can see all of your rides and accomplishments in the Strava world.

Calendar of Important Dates

DateWhat's happening?
April 22Registration Opens
May 31Early Registration Closes
June 1Late Registration Opens
June 26 10:00 AM - 7:00 PMCheck in at Noble Sports
June 27 10:00 AM - 6:30 PMCheck in at Noble Sports
June 28 9:00 AM - 12:00 PMCheck in at Salem Rec Center / Same day registration
June 28 12:00 PM - 2:30 PMCheck in at Revere Health Center / Same day registration
June 28 3:00 PMTime Trial Stage starts
June 28 5:00(ish) PMAwards Ceremony back at the Salem Rec Center
June 28 6:00 PMMountain Stage starts
June 28 8:00 PMAwards Ceremony
June 28 8:15 PMDinner
June 29 8:00 AMRoad Race begins
June 29 12:00 PMFinal Awards Ceremony

Race Categories

There are 8 categories in this race:

This is a race intended for road bikes. While we acknowledge some racers may want to use a mountain bike, mountain bikes will not be allowed in this race.

There is a yellow jersey and a polka dot jersey for each category. A new yellow jersey will be awarded for the overall winners after each stage. The process for determining the yellow jersey will be outlined below.


The location of the Time Trial is at Revere Health. The address is 555 W State Rd 164, Salem, UT

The easiest way to get here is to I-15 to exit 253. Once off the exit, head east for 1 mile and you will see Revere Health facility on the left.

If you insist on coming through Spanish Fork, travel south along Main Street until you get to Arrowhead Trail and then turn left. The road will eventually turn into 8000 South (or State Rd 164). From the turn off of Main Street, it is about 1.5 miles to Revere Health.

The other stages will all be located at the Salem Rec Center. The address is 60 North 100 East, Salem.

Checking In

Early check-in will be available at Noble Sports in Spanish Fork (877 North 700 East, Spanish Fork, Utah) on Wednesday and Thursday, June 26-27. Their hours are from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM.
Check-in will be available at the Salem Rec Center on Friday, June 28 from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM and then from 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM at the Revere Health Center (the location of the TT).
You will need to bring your ID with you when checking in. You may not check-in for another racer as waivers need to be signed.

When you check-in, you will receive:


The following awards will be handed out for each category:

Time Trial Stage

Mountain Stage

Road Race Stage

Overall Race Awards

Awards will be handed out after each stage after a review of the timings. There will be a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place podium. A bottle of Martinelli's will also be presented.

Stage Information

For a full description of each stages, visit the Stage Descriptions page. This section is just to point out the mechanics of each stage.

Time Trial Stage

This is an individual event. Time trial bikes are permitted. Starting at 3:00 PM, cyclists will be launched one at a time every 30 seconds. Riders will approach the starting line where volunteers will hold the racer up while they clip into their pedals. There will be a 10 second countdown and the rider will be released. Given the short time in between racers, cyclists will need to line up 5 deep. The cyclists order will be posted at the race.

Mountain Stage

Time trial bikes are not permitted.
There will be multiple timed sections of this stage. There are 3 distinct climbs involved in this stage with each climb having its own timed start and end. Awards will be handed out for each of the individual climbs but it is the person that has the fastest cumulative time of the 3 climbs that will get the coveted polka dot jersey.

The first climb begins just after starting on Goosenest Dr. and ending at the top of High Sierra Dr. in Elk Ridge. The total climb is just over 3 miles, however, there is a (relatively) flat section that lasts about .75 miles in the middle.

The second climb begins just after the intersection of 11200 South and Loafer Canyon Rd. and ends at the gate 2.2 miles up. During the last 1 mile of the climb, the road narrows significantly. The road will have cones going up. Stay to the right of those cones at all time when ascending and descending. The cones will split the road so those going up will have roughly 1/4 of the road which should be plenty of room to pass (or be passed) while going up. That leaves 3/4 of the road for those descending. Speeds will reach well over 40 mph coming down so we want as much of the road for the descenders as possible.

The third climb begins at the Woodland Hills round-about of Woodland Hills Dr. and ends at the 4 way stop of Woodland Hills Dr. and Oak Dr. You will be descending Oak Dr and there are parts of that road that are very steep that can easily cause you to gain too much speed. Ride within your limits! Do not hesitate to use your brakes coming down. The left hand turn going from Oak Drive to Maple Circle is at the bottom of a steep hill so keep your speed under control to make that turn.

While the stage emphasizes the climbs, it is the overall time of the entire stage that will count toward the yellow jersey.

Road Race

Time trial bikes are not permitted.
The beginning of the stage will feature a police escort for the first 1.5 miles while touring through Salem. The escort will go around Salem Pond and cross highway 198. The escort will end as the peloton turns onto 460 West St. At that point, cyclists can start hammering the race!

This year the water station will be located much further along in the race than it was last year. It will either be located by Salem Hill High School. We will have the volunteers better trained in handing out water bottles and we will also have higher quality water bottles to hand up. Cyclists can dismount and grab some snacks and fill up water bottles or electrolyte drinks. Or, cyclists can dump their water bottles in the dump zone and get a hand up water bottle. There will be 2 distinct zones for this: one for the drop and one for water. If you are participating in the hand up, please be aware of other cyclists around you - depending on what kind of group you are in, it could be crowded. It is the cyclist's responsibility to not impair other riders and keep enough distance between themselves and others to make the exchange as clean as possible. Note: Our water bottle volunteers are not professional water-bottle-hander-uppers. They are trained to just lightly hold the water bottle from the top to allow you to grab the bottle. If the hand up does not go smoothly, please do not get angry with them. I promise you they will feel just as bad as you do. And, if you thank them, they will love you forever.

Before the race, cyclists will have the opportunity to take water bottles instead of their own. That way, when dumping their water bottles at the exchange, they will not have to worry about collecting their water bottles afterward. If cyclists use their own water bottles and dump them at the exchange, SA-LO will collect them and bring them back to the finish line. However, SA-LO will not be responsible for any lost or damaged water bottles. Make sure your water bottles are clearly marked with your name to prevent any mix up back at the finish line. The last thing we want are riders brawling over whose Camelback Podium bottle is who's.

A Note About Intersections
A lot of the intersections in this race will be controlled by police or volunteers. However, use common sense when approaching these intersections. Make sure that you are seen and the way is truly clear before passing through.