2018 SA-LO Stage Descriptions

There are 3 stages to the race: a time trial, a mountain stage, and a road race. Following is a description of each stage.

Time Trial

Turn by Turn Instructions
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0.00.0Start at Salem Rec Center at 100 North and head east on 100 North St.
0.40.4Turn right on 500 East and head south to Salem Canal Road
0.50.9Turn right on Salem Canal Road and merge with west bound cyclists
1.72.6Head west on Salem Canal Road to Elk Ridge Drive and turn around
2.34.9Head east on Salem Canal Road to Woodland Hills Dr. and turn around
1.16.0Head west on Salem Canal Road to 100 East and turn right
0.76.7Finish at the Salem Rec Center
Friday @ 3:00 PM / 6.7 miles

Riders will start every 30 seconds starting at 3:00 PM. This ride features 5.1 miles of flat riding along Salem Canal Road that will really allow the riders to show off their time trial skills. There is a slight climb at the beginning of the stage that gains 95 feet across 0.7 miles with a maximum grade of 4.2%. The final part of the stage will be a nice downhill that will really allow the riders to gain some extra speed and finish fast.

The yellow jersey will be awarded to the person with the fastest time.

Mountain Stage

Turn by Turn Instructions
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0.00.0Start at Salem Rec Center at 100 East 100 North and head south of 100 East St.
0.70.7Turn right and head west along Salem Canal Road
2.53.3Take a hard left onto Goosenest Dr.
2.25.5Take a right in the roundabout into Elk Ridge on N. Park Dr.
0.86.3Take a left on High Sierra Dr.
0.36.6Go to the top of High Sierra Dr and turn around at the top
0.36.9Turn right on S. Elk Meadows Dr.
0.87.8Turn right in the roundabout onto 11600 South St.
0.98.8Follow the road as it curves to the north and turn right on 11200 South St.
0.29.0Turn right on Loafer Canyon Road
2.211.2Turn around at the top of Loafer Canyon Road
2.213.4Turn right on 11200 South St.
1.014.4Turn right on Woodland Hills Dr.
1.616.0Turn right onto Oak Dr at the 4-way stop.
1.117.1Turn left onto Maple Circle.
0.217.3Keep left onto Willow Reed Rd.
1.018.3Turn left on 1280 South St.
0.218.5Turn right on 500 East St.
0.919.4Turn right on Salem Canal Rd.
0.119.5Turn left on 500 East St.
0.520.0Turn left on 100 North St.
0.420.4Finish at the Salem Rec Center
Friday @ 6:00 PM / 20.7 miles

The polka dot jersey awaits the cyclist who can ascend all three climbs of this stage the fastest! This stage shows off the steep grades present in southern Utah County at the base of Loafer Mountain. There are 3 separate climbs totaling 2,700 feet of elevation gain. The ride starts off with a gradual climb to Salem Canal Road where riders will then head west to the end of the road where a sharp left will then lead through the peach orchards of Goosenest Drive with a moderate warm up climb. Once at the base of Elk Ridge and the new roundabout, riders will then start the real climbing. Gladstan Golf Course will be on your right as you ascend to the top of Elk Ridge. Once at the top of Elk Ridge, cyclists will descend back to the roundabout and travel over to the base of Loafer Canyon and ascend up to the gate. This 2.2 mile climb is not terribly difficult but it does get more challenging towards the top. The average grade is 6.3%. The descent is fast (speeds of over 40-45 mph will be the norm) so pay attention to riders still making the ascent! The final climb is Woodland Hills Drive which features some of the steepest parts of Woodland Hills with an average grade of 9% but sections tilting up to 15%. It is 1.6 miles long with about 743 feet of elevation gain. On the descent down Oak Drive, be very careful as the left turn comes at the bottom of a particularly steep section of the road.

The polka dot jersey will be awarded to the rider who ascends all 3 climbs the fastest. There will be timing at the base of each climb and finishing at the top of each climb. There will be awards handed out for each of the individual climbs but the polka dot jersey goes to the person with the fastest combined times of the three climbs.

The yellow jersey will be awarded to the person with the fastest overall time of the Time Trial and the Mountain Stage.

Road Stage

Turn by Turn Instructions
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0.00.0Start at Salem Rec Center at 100 East 100 North and head west on 100 North
0.10.1Turn left at Main St.
1.01.1Turn right at 200 West St.
0.11.2Turn left at 200 South St.
0.11.3Turn right on 300 West St.
0.21.5Turn left on Center St.
0.21.8Turn right on 460 West St. (the peloton will be released at this point)
2.94.7Turn left on 7300 South St.
5.410.3Turn right on 5600 West St.
0.110.4Turn left on 7200 South St.
0.410.9Turn right on 6000 West St.
0.911.9Turn left on 6400 South St.
0.212.1Turn right on Lincoln Beach Rd.
15.727.8Turn left on 800 South St.
0.228.0Turn left on South State Rd. (highway 141)
9.737.7Turn right on 7300 South St. (continuation of highway 147)
1.439.1Turn right on 3200 West St.
1.240.2Turn right on 6400 South St.
1.641.8Turn right on 3200 West St.
2.043.8Turn left on 8000 South St.
2.546.3Turn right on 1200 West St. (this is also the location of the water stop)
1.748.0Turn left on 400 North St.
0.848.8Turn left on Hwy 198
0.849.6Turn right on 8800 South St.
0.950.5Turn right on 400 East St.
1.552.0Turn left on 10000 South St.
0.252.2Turn right on 1700 East St.
2.054.2Turn left on 750 East St.
0.554.7Turn right on 11200 South St.
1.055.7Turn left on Rocky Mountain Way
0.656.3Turn right on 11600 South St.
2.658.9Turn right on Salem Canal Rd.
2.661.5Turn left on 100 East
0.762.2Finish at the Salem Rec Center
Saturday @ 8:00 AM / 62.25 miles

The final stage will be the road stage. The peloton will leave Salem Rec Center together and travel around the famous Salem Pond paced by the Salem Police Department. After crossing Highway 198, the peloton will be released and the ride will begin. Riders will go north past Olsen's Greenhouses and then head west towards West Mountain. After reaching the foothills of West Mountain, riders will travel counter clockwise around West Mountain with Utah Lake on their right side. The ride is mostly flat with a few short climbs to help break up the pack. After descending into Genola, the route climbs up to Keigly Gravel pits. After completing the full circuit of West Mountain, riders will travel east back along the same route until 4400 West where riders will turn left. Riders will then turn right on 6400 South and then right again at 3200 West. At 8000 South, riders will take a left to go under the freeway and ride with traffic until getting to 1200 West at the new Revere Urgent Care facility. There will be a water station at this point. Riders can dismount and fill up their water bottles or they can get a handup without dismounting. While riding 8000 South, pay special attention to car traffic - the road will not be closed. Once back in Salem, riders will make take a left at 400 North and go to Highway 198 and then take a left. This intersection will be controlled for the 2 lead groups but after that, riders will need to obey the traffic signals. Once on Highway 198, racers will go to Laura Kay's Garden Center where they will take a right on 8800 South for a short climb and then cross Woodland Hills Drive. After a short distance, racers will take a right on 400 East and head south to 10000 South, take a left and then make their way to the bottom of the Harry's Hill - a local favorite climb of 0.8 miles ascending 286 feet for an average grade of 6.3%. Riders will then make the short climb to the bottom of Woodland Hills and then turn west for a fast, gradual descent to Rocky Mountain Way. After a short but steep climb, riders will again enjoy a descent through Goosenest Drive's peach orchards (the Strava segment is called "Goosenest Giddy" - and for good reason!). After a sharp right onto Salem Canal Road, riders will hammer the fast flat to 100 East where riders will make the final descent and a speedy finish at Salem Rec Center.