2019 SA-LO Updates

Latest Updates for SA-LO 2019

These are the general updates given in emails leading up to the race.

6/27/2019 (1 day before the race)

Tomorrow is the big day! Roads have been cleared (Loafer canyon had the sandbags removed for those who are keeping score at home) with the final sweeping happening tomorrow morning.

I will send out a final email tomorrow morning around 9:30 with the TT start times.

If you have just signed up in the last day or so, the previous emails describing check-in and locations are included below.

Finally, if you haven't previously, please join the "SA-LO" Strava club. Our race announcer loves to Strava stalk and this just makes it easier for him to do it!

A note about the Mountain Stage: there is a lot of up and with it comes a lot of down. For some, the down is what they live for (me being one of them). Eventually, that down has to end and sometimes it is on a right-hand turn. In fact, we have 3 of those. In years past, we have had racers make those right turns and come very close to cars that are in the other lane. So, this year, we are going to have a penalty zone. If you cross the lane whilst making those right-hand turns, you will be penalized 10 seconds. Those 3 areas will be very well marked on the course. And, for your reference, they are:

  1. At the bottom of Rocky Mountain Way when turning right onto 11200 South.
  2. At the bottom of Loafer Mountain Canyon when turning right onto 11200 South.
  3. At the bottom of 500 East turning onto Salem Canal Road.

Those sections will be coned very carefully - go across the cones and you will be penalized.

Thank you and look for the final email tomorrow morning specifying your TT start times.

6/26/2019 (2 days before the race)

A few notes to be aware of as we close in on the start of SA-LO 2019:

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday! Thank you for racing with us!

6/25/2019 (3 days before the race)

Thank you all for registering for the SA-LO 2019 Stage race!

We are only a few days away from racing! I have a few updates as well as some notes you will want to be aware of.

We are adding a new division: the Cyclosportive division. This is for those racers who want to race but cannot compete against the elite racers. We will recognize them on the podium but no medals or jerseys will be handed out. But, they will get their bottles of Martinelli's! We want to encourage all people to come and join and work with those who are within their realm of fitness. For this year, the cyclosportive division will contain both male and female riders unless we get a significant number of racers in that division. If you feel like you would like to compete in that division, please send me an email (ken@kenmeads.com) and I will get you moved over.

As you are all aware, the Time Trial is a closed course this year. Revere Health, our premier sponsor, will be hosting this stage. The address of the facility is 555 West State Road 164, Salem. It isn't too far off of the I-15 freeway off exit 253. I will email more explicit directions on how to get here. The course is 8.3 miles long this year (a little longer than last year) with only 64 feet of total elevation gain - so quite flat. The last 1.5 miles of the course is headed straight north so you should be able to take advantage of the south wind that will likely be present.

When the Time Trial is finished, we will pack up and head up to the Salem Recreation Center (60 N 100 E, Salem) where the rest of the event will be staged from. The Time Trial podium ceremony will be held there prior to the Mountain Stage. For the jersey winners, we want you to wear your jerseys during the Mountain Stage. This is how we paint a target on your back! The Time Trial jerseys this year are green. We wanted to try and mix up the colors a bit and this seemed appropriate.

While we advertised the Mountain Stage as having 2 closed climbs and descents, we were informed today by the city that we cannot close those roads. The intersections will be carefully controlled but please pay special attention on the descents - especially coming out of Loafer Canyon (the second climb).

Early check-in will begin on Thursday. The website specifies Wednesday and Thursday but we do not have the water bottles ready to go. Everything will be ready by Thursday. Thursday check-in will be at Noble Cycling located at 877 North 700 East in Spanish Fork.

Friday check-in will be available at the Salem Rec Center from 9:00 - 1:00 PM. After that, check-in will be available at Revere Health.

A note about timing chips: we have one chip for you that goes on your seat post. For those who are using Time Trial bikes for the TT stage, we will have tape that you can use to put that on your TT bike. After that stage, you can move your chip over to your other bike and use the adhesive for it.

Once you have your timing chip, we encourage you to go over to the TT finish line and make sure your chip registers on the reader. The last thing we want is for you to get out there and then not have your timing chip work. We have never had a problem in the past with it but we don't want to start this year.

Lastly, we want to thank our sponsors. They are very generous and without them, there wouldn't be a race. Revere Health is our premier sponsor. Noble Cycling is our gold sponsor. Salem Total Fitness is our silver level sponsor. Advanced Wellness Center and Nebo Peaks Cycling are our bronze level sponsors. Advanced Wellness Center will have a masseuse available after the mountain stage on Friday night for those who would like to take advantage of getting those kinks worked out.

We are excited to have you on board this year! Thank you again for racing with us!