2018 SA-LO Volunteers
SA-LO 2017 was successful and a ton of fun! Not only did our athletes have a great time but our team of outstanding Volunteers were incredible and extremely helpful in putting on such an outstanding event.
This year we would like to reward our volunteers for their outstanding service with SA-LO event merchandise and a highly sought-after VIP dinner invitation for our local athletes, our out of town athletes and our community dignitaries.
Please join us this year by clicking the link located below and volunteering for this one-of-a-kind event. It takes volunteers such as yourself to make these events special for everyone.
SA-LO 2018 will take place takes place over 2 days (June 29-30), so you can sign up for one or both days.
There are 3 different stages and we need volunteers for each of those stages. Please sign up for more than one stage, if you can.

I want to volunteer!